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Frelle Cling

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Frelle cling

│ Description │

removes waste and foreign substance remarkably which do not perform by tap water.

│ Function │

Frelle cling can care your skin innovatively. Silky and moisturized skin by powerful cleansing, and excellent moisturizing.

│ Feature │

Micro bubbles are generated when tap water comes from frelle cling skin cleanser. This bubbles cling to body wastes and float, then discharge, so that the skin can be cleaned up much more than just tap water.

│ Benefit │


*Relief of eczema itchiness
*Excellent care for dandruff
*Sterilization effect on athelete’s foot


*Help to keep skin clean and silky
*Superior effect for skin moisture
*Support skin elasticity(healthy oxygen into skin pores)


*99.9% sterilization of Colon Bacillus
*99.9% remove Pseudomonas Aeruginosa


*Forest theraphy effect Indulge green shower at home with 100times more anions than in the forest.


*Healing and fatigue recovery effect
Ultrasonic waves by fine vibration of bubbles provides a gentle stimulus and re-energized skin and scalp to help for relaxing and healing

│ Specification │


 Frelle Cling Beauty Skin Cleanser




 4 ~ 70 ℃

 Tap water

 1.5 ~ 7kgf/cm2


 200mm (W) x 431mm(L) x 158mm (D)

 Tank capacity

 2 Liter


 25 min


 6 ~ 10 Liter / min

 Drain time

 < 10 seconds

 Inlet time

 < 10 seconds


 Tank – Empty (1.8kg) / Full (3.8kg)


 Not recommended to use lower than
1.5kgf/cm2 tap water pressure

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Frelle Cling

Frelle Cling