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Cleopine Cosmetics

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Eco-Friendly and Wll-Bing Aspect


Vegetable Property Fermentation New materials

Fermentation science to develop with new materials technology.


Pine Mush-28 Peptide

-The only East Coast native pine mushroom, extract from the protein fermentation develops new materials


Solhyang Bio

-Natural fermentation substance using materials such as Pine, ocher, algae,gresh herbs, deep ocean water



- Wrinkle improvement is induced in a way that active ingredients such as pure vegetable fermented peptide component

-Diversified skin improvement effect

-Skin absorption is fast

-It does not trickle down

-Characteristic of wrinkle improvement is appeared immediately

-Whitening characteristic is appeared immediately

-Moisturizing effect is excellent

-Efficacy is maintained for a long time

-Make up does not spread even if it is sprayed on make up condition 

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Cleopine Cosmetics